“Merry Xmas to Me! Dec 2015 – Dec 2016

It takes a village to make a lifestyle change and the High Priestess of my village was and is Amanda Prosser

My journey started when I got a new job closer to home. Village chief (husband Shawn) encouraged me to go back to Zumba now that I didn’t need to spend 2.5hrs in transit every day. So I started Zumba classes twice a week, which was achievable and fun.

Then Amanda suggested the first 8 week challenge, which was also achievable but quite a lot less fun! I struggled to drink 2L of water a day (still do!), I struggled to keep nutritious food in my fridge, and I really struggled getting my hands dirty, outside in the grass during some of our training sessions. I also really struggled that my body wasn’t ‘fixed’ after 8 weeks of working really hard. There were changes, my clothes fitted better and I had more energy but the kilos were stubborn and after 2 months I had lost less than 2kg. Devastating!

But the High Priestess kept me smiling! Amanda constantly told me how proud she was of what I had achieved and thank goodness for the before and after photos which proved there was a difference.

So I signed up for another 8 week challenge. I found I was more motivated than ever before and I discovered I loved boxing. And the support of the other warriors in the village was truly amazing! The girls I trained with during both challenges were inspiring, positive and fun. They lifted me when I felt defeated and they made me laugh. Tara, Leonie, Bryony, Emily, Kim, Lisa, Eva, Raelee and all you girls, were just incredible to hang out with X

At the end of the second 8 week challenge in August I could really start to feel the changes happening. Chief Shawn was now buying me size 10 clothes and people were starting to notice a difference and comment about the size of my arse (Bryony!) I felt fantastic and exercising and eating well was a normal and everyday occurrence. Since then I’ve just kept going.

If I could sum up what has changed over the last year into one word it would be ‘mindful’. I think before I eat. Hot chips are a passion, but how many do I need to eat to enjoy them and still feel great? Probably about 7! That is my established hot chip number! I think about planning exercise into my life, how does this week look and what is achievable? I am mindful of how I treat my body and my body has loved me for it!

Amanda I cannot thank you enough for the tools and the motivation you have given me and I’m so very grateful to have you in my life.

2017 looks amazing!!!

Lisa Bateman

I have had the pleasure of attending both classes and personal training sessions one on one with Amanda for several years now. I highly recommend her programs for achieving your health and fitness goals. All the classes I have attended are as fun as they are challenging. You can laugh when your out of breath! Lol

My PT sessions are always based around things I want to do and lots of variety so it’s not like doing the same boring excersizes over and over. I have often joked that these sessions are also like therapy as we chat about things going on while getting hot sweaty which somehow just makes everything seem easier!

Amanda’s personality is full of enthusiasm and friendliness which keeps me motivated to want to keep turning up and achieving goals. There are so many options for classes (I love boxing and HIIT), training, nutrition…. it’s not just a workout it’s a lifestyle change.

Emily Morandy

I contacted Amanda at the start of this year in regards with wanting to start a personal training session once a week.

I had lost 40kgs by myself but wanted to tone & strengthen my body.

Amanda was very inviting & positive about the results that I wanted to achieve.

I was so nervous when I showed up to my first session! I didn’t think I was going to be able to anything that she was going to want me to do. But, Amanda made the session fun, & was constantly asking if I was ok with weights & how I was feeling.

Now, I absolutely love my PT sessions & look forward to them every week! I have muscle definition in my arms, back, legs & I have abs!! (Only little abs, but their there). I was I size 12 when I started at Replenish your Life, & now I’m a size 10 on the bottom, & a XS or size 8 on top. I haven’t been these sizes since I was 12yrs old!!!!

I am able to lift weights that I would of never dreamed of before, do sit ups, push-ups (on my toes), honestly I could go on & on about all the things I can now do thanks to Amanda’s support & encouragement. I surprise myself every week with what I am now able to achieve!

Kerrie Mothersole

I love Amanda’s Classes, her energy is contagious & inspires you to have fun while getting an amazing workout! I have found for me that the biggest changes for my body & my health has come from the Vera Flow classes. My flexibility & strength has improved 100% and just keeps getting better! The combination of flexibility, core balance & meditation are really enjoyable, challenging & fun I have recently started doing private PT sessions now with Amanda and already I am finding improvements, Amanda is so encouraging & will support you & guide you with your journey, while also helping you hold to your goals. I recommend Everything that Amanda does!

Jas Pearson

I have been part of the Replenish Your Life family since 2014 and have loved every minute of it! My favourite class is Zumba Fitness. Not only do I get a ridiculously fun workout every time I go, but I’ve also been able to make amazing friendships along the way. I have also participated in two 8 Week Challenges and loved the structure of this program because it promotes a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained after the 8 week period has ended. In all of the classes there is always the feeling of being in a supportive environment, and Amanda truly cares about each and every one of her clients.

Tara Dickinson

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